Things to Know about Coconut Charcoals for Daily Necessities

Coconut charcoals have many functions in our life. You can use it for various necessities including for cooking, industry, barbecue, and shisha. Undeniably, this type of charcoals slightly is replaceable with some other types including charcoal coals and carbon charcoals. However, by considering the fact that coconut charcoals are safer for the human’s health as well as the environment, they are slightly more demanded.

So, how are the specifications of coconut charcoals to use? Below, there are examples of them using for shisha and barbecue. Continue to read the explanations below.
  • Specifications

Let’s pretend that you are a shisha businessman and you want to make an order coconut charcoals for this industry. In many coconut charcoal companies, the amount of charcoal to order for shisha industry is 18 tons and more. It is with the specification as follow; moisturized of maximum 6%, ash content of maximum 2.4%, volatile matter of maximum 13%, fix carbon of minimum 85%, calorific value up to 7500 Kcal/kg, heat content up to 600 C, ignition time of maximum 10 minutes, and glowing time of minimum 2 hours.

Meanwhile, for barbecue, the specification is as follow. They are the moisturized of maximum 8%, as content of maximum 15-20%, volatile matter of maximum 15%, fix carbon of minimum 70%, calorific value up to 6000 Kcal/kg, heat content up to 400 C, ignition time of maximum 10 minutes, and glowing time of minimum 4 hours.

There are various shapes of coconut charcoals to use for both shisha and barbecue. It can be cubes, circles, and hexagonal briquettes. However, since the size of shisha tube itself is relatively small, the charcoal or briquettes must be in a smaller size also. Meanwhile, the charcoals used for barbecue and other cooking necessities, they tend to be bigger.

The specific components mentioned above must be followed anyway. In fact, the components of coconut charcoal for shisha are different from the components of charcoal for barbecue and other necessities. There is no other reason for following the dosage components unless safety and quality. Sure, if the heat content and calorific value are more than what it should be, it may be dangerous for the users.
  • Benefits of Using Coconut Charcoals

Undeniably, coconut charcoals give you some benefits than other types of charcoal briquetting. Coconut charcoal tends to not toxic and pollutant. There is no chemical substance to add except those substances and nutrition that have been in the coconut since the beginning. For the non-toxic material, the smoke produced by the charcoal tends to be safer also to enter your body.

For some shisha users, the smoke produced also tends to be lighter, more delicious, and not too addicting. Therefore, the shisha seems to be better for the beginners since it doesn’t give side effects like dizzy, nausea, vomit, and many others. 

Meanwhile, the coconut charcoals tend to remain less dangerous burning areas on the barbecued meat. it lessens the carcinogenic risks on the meat that may lead to dangerous diseases like cancer. Besides, the barbecue also tends to be tastier.


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