How to Make Delicious Food with Coconut Barbeque

Many people use barbeque as technique to make delicious food. How about barbeque technique using coconut barbeque?

Coconut Barbeque

Barbeque refers to cooking technique which you grill and smoke ingredients slowly. It is done slowly to make meat or other ingredients well-cooked and has unique taste. Compare to cooking with coconut oil, barbeque is better because the food will not contain too much fat.

Many people choose charcoal barbeque to grill some ingredients. But, have you known about coconut barbeque? Coconut barbeque refers to barbeque technique that uses coconut charcoal briquette to grill meats and other ingredients. Have you ever tried this technique before?

There are some reasons of why people use coconut bbq to grill ingredients. First, coconut charcoal briquette has high heating value. So, it will make meats and other ingredients easily to grill. So, you don’t need to spend much time for making delicious food. There are still many reasons that you have to try using coconut charcoal briquette.

Compare to charcoal barbeque made from hardwood, coconut charcoal will last longer. It means whenever you burn coconut charcoal, the heat will last for more than 4 hours. So, it will save your money because you don’t need to replace the charcoal often. By using coconut charcoal, the heat will last longer, so you can also grill so many ingredients without worrying about how much charcoal you need to use.

Bbq Indonesia usually uses coconut charcoal. People in Indonesia believe that coconut charcoal will give unique taste to meats and other ingredients. Even, it has low sulfur level. So, consuming food grilled with coconut charcoal is safe. No wonder if people in Indonesia usually use coconut charcoal. We can conclude that coconut charcoal gives so many benefits and can be alternative whenever you need charcoal for grilling ingredients with barbeque technique.

Test Product :
Density Briquette / coconut charcoal for Barbecue : (0:42)
Burning Briquette / coconut charcoal for Barbecue : (13:59)


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