The Best Place for Shisha Coconut Charcoals

Shisha is often considered the best alternative for smoking. This activity is considered healthier and giving the users only a few side effects. Unfortunately, this is not absolutely true for some reasons. One of them is regarding the use of charcoals that are known to affect some body organs when the extracts enter. 

Interestingly, even the charcoals for shisha also have their alternatives. There are no more charcoal coals recommended for this activity but the coconut charcoals. Just like the name coconut charcoals are basically charcoals made from coconuts. This fruit is known to have many benefits for health as well as it can be simply found around. This makes the charcoals made from the ingredient tend to be cheaper for sure.

ARRA is one of the best producers of coconut charcoal. The charcoal produced by this company is guaranteed to be 100% original without dangerous additional substances. Meanwhile, the production process still keeps the traditional method although technology is also started to use. It simply improves the quality of this charcoal briquetting and increases the benefit of the product when it is used for shisha.

In fact, the specifications of coconut charcoal are different from one to another based on the functions. For shisha, the specifications are as follow. The product needs a moisture of maximum 6%, ash content of maximum 2.4%, volatile matter of maximum 13%, fix carbon with minimum 85%, calorific value up to 7500 Kcal/ Kg, heat content up to 600 C, ignition time of maximum 10 minutes, and glowing time of minimum 2 hours.

If you are wondering why there is such a specification, there is a reason for this. For shihsa, the specifications must be what have been mentioned above to keep the quality of shisha smoke as well as lessening the side effects probably experienced. Sure, it means if the coconut charcoals are used for other necessities, the specifications will be different. For information, the coconut charcoals are also functioned to replace the carbon charcoal for cooking, industry, and fuel.

For the quality and great services given, the customers of ARRA coconut charcoals are not only coming from Indonesia, the country where the company is taken placed. It has been exported to some countries all around the world to support their industry and business. Those countries are including Brazilia, Germany, Russia, and Jordan. They become loyal customers for years and still ongoing.

The products themselves are available in some shapes and sizes. The most common ones to order are the cube, circle, and hexagonal charcoals. Particularly for shisha, the shapes tend to be smaller to enable them to load in the shisha tools. Of course, it means that for other necessities, it is possible to produce charcoals in bigger sizes.

So, are you interested to make orders of product from ARRA coconut charcoal? That’s just a good decision. For more information, you can go directly to the official website of the company. Further services are given including the delivery. You can also buy the products and sell them under your own brands.


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