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How to Make Delicious Food with Coconut Barbeque

Many people use barbeque as technique to make delicious food. How about barbeque technique using coconut barbeque? Coconut Barbeque Barbeque refers to cooking technique which you grill and smoke ingredients slowly. It is done slowly to make meat or other ingredients well-cooked and has unique taste. Compare to cooking with coconut oil, barbeque is better because the food will not contain too much fat. Many people choose charcoal barbeque to grill some ingredients. But, have you known about coconut barbeque? Coconut barbeque refers to barbeque technique that uses coconut charcoal briquette to grill meats and other ingredients. Have you ever tried this technique before? There are some reasons of why people use coconut bbq to grill ingredients. First, coconut charcoal briquette has high heating value. So, it will make meats and other ingredients easily to grill. So, you don’t need to spend much time for making delicious food. There are still many reasons that you have

3 Barbeque Techniques You Can Find in Indonesia

Barbeque is so popular.  Although barbeque refers to grilling and smoking technique to cook some ingredients, but there are also other techniques you just find in Indonesia. Unique Barbeque Techniques in Indonesia Barbeque refers to cooking technique that consists of grilling, smoking, roasting or baking technique. In other word, bbq refers to grilling process to make ingredients well-cooked. People in the world usually use charcoal barbeque to grill meat. But in Indonesia, there are other unique techniques. For example is a technique used in Papua--a province in Indonesia. The bbq process uses stones to grill meats. People in Papua don’t use coconut barbeque or charcoal to grill meat. They use stones. You may be curious about it. First, they will collect so many stones to be burnt. After collecting stones, stones will be burnt to make them become so hot. To use this technique, people in Papua need to prepare a big hole. After that, they put some stones in the deepest