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4 Reasons to Use Coconut Charcoal for Barbecue

Coconut charcoal for barbecue, this idea should not be something new actually. For the development of technology, some natural materials around us can just be processed into something beneficial. Well, one of them is coconut charcoal. For barbecuing, this type of charcoal is also considered more beneficial than other charcoal types even the charcoal coals. It is true indeed. At least, there are 4 benefits of using coconut charcoal for cooking including barbecue. What are they?
  • More Aroma Released

Coconut itself tends to have a certain aroma even if you are just keeping it raw. That’s why; this fruit is often used in the dishes whether the milk, meat, and more. This is why you are suggested to use coconut charcoal to grill or make barbecue. Without you have to add the fruit as the barbecue ingredient, it helps you to add and strengthen the aroma. The barbecue you make tend to smell much better than using any other types of charcoal. Besides, since the aroma is stronger, the barbecue looks more delicious and simply improves your appetite.
  • Better Taste

Sure, whether the barbecue finally tastes delicious or not, it depends on your ability in cooking. Meanwhile, it is also influenced by the ingredients you add in the foods. However, it is true and proven that the use of coconut charcoal tends to make your barbecue taste better. The secret is the coconut extract that is not completely removed during the charcoal manufacturing. As a result, it is not only about the aroma that is strengthened but also the taste. In this point, sure, it makes coconut charcoal is more recommended than carbon charcoal for barbecue.
  • It is done faster

There is a tip if you want to barbecue or grill the meat. It is by using plant materials like wood, midrib, and even leaves. Why should you add it? It is due to the effect of making the meat softer in a shorter time. In fact, coconut is also the plant material anyway. Rather than using other charcoals and plant materials, it seems that the coconut charcoal makes your works simpler and more practical. By using it only, the charcoal is functioned as the means of making fire as well as a trick to make the meat soft and cooked faster.
  • Healthier

This benefit should not be questioned anymore. Other materials tend to remain on the foods and they are often accused to give some health problems. In many sources, it is mentioned that the black burning areas on the meat are carcinogenic or it has some characteristics that cause cancer. It is proven that coconut charcoal has a lower possibility of carcinogenic characteristics. Well, it doesn’t mean that the charcoal completely doesn’t have such substances but the percentage tends to be lower. This way, you should not worry too much about consuming the charcoal barbecue.
Interestingly, the coconut charcoal can be simply found around us for sure. So, it is much easier nowadays to use coconut charcoal for barbecue and enjoy the dishes with family and friends.


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