Charcoal Briquetting

The Benefits of Coconut Charcoal for Shisha

Charcoal Briquetting For Shisha
Is it possible to use coconut charcoal for shisha? Well, by remembering that coconut charcoal tends to have the same characteristics as the carbon charcoal, it is indeed possible. But before talking deeply about it, it is better to know better what shisha is. Shisha or hookah is mentioned as an alternative for cigarette for them who like smoking. If you read the history, this kind of smoking tools was actually from India and then popular in the Middle East. That’s why shisha is known also as Arabian cigarette. However, the way to apply it is quite different
 Shisha is less practical indeed since there must be a tube with water and then tobacco or charcoal is heating up and certain flavors are added. To inhale it, there is a plastic pipe where the smoke passes through it into your mouth.
In general, the coconut charcoal, if it is used for shisha, is considered safer and healthier than the other types of charcoals and tobacco. It is based on the characteristics of coconut itself that is full of nutrition. Based on that fact, there are some benefits believed to find if you are smoking the coconut charcoal shisha. Here are the explanations.
The coconut charcoal is a really effective toxin absorber. The human body contains the amount of toxin for sure but many people just don’t realize it. If it is continuing this way, some diseases can just be simply suffered anyway. The coconut charcoal is then recommended to consume to clean up the toxin in your body. Besides, entering the extract through shisha is also an alternative if you cannot consume it directly.
Second, coconut charcoal is also good to reduce cholesterol as well as avoiding this substance to increase. It is based on the characteristic of coconut itself that produce substances functioned to fight against bad cholesterol. There is still no clinical test regarding this point but many people just found their cholesterol decreased after smoking the coconut charcoal shisha. Well, this is something that the charcoal coals and tobacco cannot give to you.
Third, this type of charcoal is an antidote for hangover mainly if you consume it after alcoholic drinks. In some areas and cultures, shisha is provided along with beer, wine, and others. Sure, the charcoal for the shisha commonly consists of charcoal made from coconut. It avoids them being hangover and stay conscious longer than them who are not.
Lastly, this benefit must be loved by many women out there. For you who love shisha, it seems better to replace the charcoal briquetting or tobacco in it with the coconut one. Yes, coconut itself is known for its beauty function. It helps you to make your skin smoother and avoid breakouts and some skin problems. Interestingly, this benefit can also be found from the coconut extract produced through the shisha smoke. So, if you want to prove it, you can just try it.
Shisa is one of the most interesting activities for sure. But if you can also keep your body healthy while doing it, it should be a good thing to do. This way, you are suggested to use coconut charcoal for shisha.


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