The Ultimate Producer and Supplier of Coconut Briquettes in Indonesia

We are the producers and suppliers of charcoals or briquettes from coconuts. The industry has been started for years and trusted by many customers for the qualities or products maintained. The briquettes produced are 100% original from the real coconuts. Even the coconuts chosen are guaranteed to have a good quality to make sure that the final results are also satisfying. Meanwhile, we maintain the traditional process while combining it with modern technology.

The fabrics are located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Nowadays, there are 3 big factories and 2 warehouses that produce more than 40 containers of coconut briquettes per month. Despite to fulfill the local briquette necessities, our products are also to be imported. Some countries that are being the destinations of our coconut briquettes exports are including USA, Brazil, Jordan, the UK, Russia, and Germany. The importers from those countries just confess the high quality of products they made. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if the cooperation and relationship have been successfully conducted for years and still ongoing.

There are some reasons why coconut briquettes are more demanded by customers even compared to some other types of briquettes including charcoal coals and carbon charcoal. The coconut briquettes are proven to give the best results for cooking and industries. It doesn’t produce unnecessary smokes and pollutions. That’s why; it is often said that this type of briquettes is safer for the human’s health as well as the environment around.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the main material of this charcoal briquetting is made from coconuts. They are renewable resources that can still be found in many places around. The amount of the ingredient is also still plenty. The briquettes from coconuts themselves are available in various shapes and it is necessary for the customers to make customization orders regarding the shape, amount, and content.


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